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Product Name 7 Days (Regular-280 mm) Sanitary Napkins- 20 Nos
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7 Days (Regular- 280mm)Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary pad, which is also known as sanitary napkin or menstrual pad, is a thin pad made of absorbent material that absorbs the menstrual fluid during menstruation. Some sanitary pads are disposable and are meant for single use only. Most sanitary pads available in the market are disposable ones. Reusable sanitary pads are mostly cloth pads that can be washed, dried and reused over a number of times.

Sanitary pads come in different shapes and sizes, with different capacity to absorb for days of heavy and light menstrual bleeding. You will have to experiment with different kinds of sanitary pads to know which one best suits your needs. 



Illustration of Sanitary pad with wings, Maxi-super pad, Panty liner, Reusable cloth pad - Menstrupedia